The dare2express Campaign

Born in Hamilton New Zealand, John now lives in Hampshire UK where he emigrated to in 2000, settled down with his wife and started a family. Following a holiday to New Zealand in March 2013, John found himself regularly thinking of home, his mood growing more somber as he dwelled on how much he missed his childhood homeland.  For perhaps the first time in his life he felt lost, despondent, and there seemed to be nothing he could do to snap himself out of it.

John was subsequently diagnosed with depression and medical support to aid in recuperation and get himself back on track.  After an initial period of denial, he accepted help and counselling which has begun a long journey of self-discovery for him.  This has proved to be the most challenging and often painful journey that he has ever endured.  

Well on the road to recovery, he sees dare2express as a way to reach out to everyone who is suffering from depression, or has family or friends who are. By taking on a challenge like Expedition d2e, he wants to give others the opportunity to admit the road is hard, share their challenges and find the strength to face their fears.

However the ultimate goal of this trip, is to raise as much awareness as possible for depression, PTSD and Mental Health as a whole.

As recently as last year, John was debilitated by depression and PTSD. Now through his recovery, he has set himself the ultimate goal to walk the South Pole. He knows this is ambitious, but “good things aren't done from sitting in your armchair” he explains.


“This is all about making a difference, highlighting this subject and provoking people to talk about things more openly”.

This is where dare2express was born from. Expression and depression are not friends, therefore, you’d not associate them together. Expression in your darkest moments is a very difficult thing to do; so John is daring people to express themselves in a positive way. 

Too often is this swept under the carpet and is thought of as a taboo subject. John’s aim is to work with large corporate companies, create team days that identify with issues that people might be experiencing (role play situations). Though serious, the days will be designed to be fun, work as a highly successful and reaffirming team building event. 

There is evidence to support that physical activities, with as little as a 30 minute walk is enough to stimulate the brain and get it producing chemicals to keep you balanced in daily life.

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